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  • Province of Cosenza
    Piazza XV Marzo n.5
    87100 Cosenza
  • Main telephone +39 0984 814.1
    Presidency +39 0984 26800

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Province of Cosenza

Piazza XV Marzo, 5

87100 Cosenza (CS)


: Mr. Ernesto GAGLIARDI

+39 0984/26070

Fax  +39 0984/814227


Following the 1990's reform, the Secretary is now appointed directly by the local institution's major body, that is to say by the President of the Province. The President chooses the Secretary among those enrolled in the Order of provincial secretaries after a very structured procedure. he or she performs his duties until one hundred twenty days have passed from the day he or she is appointed by the President, except in the cases when he or she is reappointed. The Secretary-General must belong to the highest rank of the Order, that in Italian is called "Prima A". The role of the Secretary has changed over the years. he or she once represented local authorities within the Italian Ministry of Interior and he or she was integral part of its organization. Nowadays the Secretary is legally subordinated to an autonomous agency called AGES; the agency is divided into regional sections for small authorities while the bigger ones depend on one national section. Nevertheless, the Secretary is funded directly by the institution he or she is employed by. As a matter of fact, the Provincial Secretary is functionally dependent on the President of the Province himself.
We can divide the Secretary's tasks into three groups: on the one hand, the ones that he or she is entrusted with directly and mandatorily by the reference framework; on the other hand, the ones that we can call possible in the sense that, even if they are provided for by law, the authority can decide whether or not to give them to his Secretary. The third group comprises the tasks that are provided for in the Statute, regulations or ad hoc decisions and the President of the Province thinks it is necessary to allocate to the Secretary.
In the first group we find cooperation and legal/administrative assistance tasks towards the governmental bodies of the Province (President, Executive, Council, Committees etc); within the Province of Cosenza these tasks are performed through the so-called "declaration of compliance" with the Provincial Executive's and the Council's decisions; this group of functions also comprises advisory, representative and assistance tasks that the Provincial Secretary carries out by taking part in the meetings of the above mentioned bodies (he is also entitled to record them) and, finally, notarial tasks, that is to say contract deeds in which the Province is involved.
In the second group we find again the Director-General tasks, whenever the Province decides, as it happened in the past, to entrust the Secretary with them.
In the third and last group we find the functions concerning the President of the Executives Evaluation Unit and the President of the Delegation concerning the public party that is entitled to draw up localised work contracts related to the Executives.
The reference framework for the Provincial Secretary's status is the Consolidated Act that was approved by the Italian legislative decree No. 267 of 18 August 2000 after several amendments. In particular, Section II of title IV.

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