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Il Palazzo del Governo


  • Province of Cosenza
    Piazza XV Marzo n.5
    87100 Cosenza (Italy)
  • Main telephone +39 0984 814.1
    Presidency +39 0984 26800

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The current version of the Province of Cosenza's portal is the result of a considerable revision of the website itself. The main reason behind that revision is to meet the requirements so that all users can have equal access to information, being conscious that accessibility is a dynamic concept.

The portal of the Province of Cosenza was planned and developed pursuant to the principles laid down in Law No. 4/2004 (the so-called 'Stanca law', aimed at allowing technological access to the handicapped).

This website was built following XHTML 1.0 Strict recommended by W3C and in CSS2 (style sheets) formatting, so that contents have been separated from their graphic representation.
Accessibility is intended as a project structural component and a key element of dialogue: the structure of the interfaces features in the foreground facilities and major references on the reading line, whilst in the page’s content margin we find the level of structured navigation.

You can customize the way the portal is displayed by choosing among different font sizes and also surfing the portal in a high contrast version (text only).
In order to fully accomplish the users' needs, we consider it pivotal to have your feedbackand, therefore, assess the accessibility of the website. You can email us at so that we can improve the service provided.

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